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These Are the Cheapest Ferrari Models for Sale on Autotrader

Looking for a cheap Ferrari? You probably shouldn't be. But if you are, these are the cheapest ones you'll find.

Video | Here’s What Really Happened to My Ferrari F355 (and My LS-Swapped Porsche 911)

A little automotive CSI yielded some unexpected results.

Video| My Ferrari F355 Is Not My Favorite Car — Or Is It?

Choosing which hooptie to take to a car show prompted an agonizing internal debate.

Here’s Why a Flat Tire on a Ferrari F355 Is a Nightmare

Not only did it cost me almost $700 -- but it was a huge pain.

Here’s Everything I Hate About My Cheap Ferrari F355

Unfortunately, it's not all sunshine and rainbows with the best car I've ever owned.

Here’s Everything I Love About My Cheap Ferrari F355

I've just spent the last week driving automotive nirvana.

Video | Replacing a Simple Hose Fixed My Cheap Ferrari F355

It turned out to be the best-case scenario with my latest purchase, and I'm just as surprised as you.

Video | Here’s What Broke on My Cheap Ferrari F355

It could have been much worse -- but the repair will still be an expensive welcome to Ferrari ownership.

Video | I Traded My Perfect Acura NSX for a Broken Ferrari F355

Clearly, this is my best worst decision yet!

Here Are the 5 Most Beautiful Cars For Sale on Autotrader

These are the five most beautiful cars you can purchase on Autotrader, according to me.
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