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Video | Here’s What Really Happened to My Ferrari F355 (and My LS-Swapped Porsche 911)

A little automotive CSI yielded some unexpected results.

Video| My Ferrari F355 Is Not My Favorite Car — Or Is It?

Choosing which hooptie to take to a car show prompted an agonizing internal debate.

Here’s Why a Flat Tire on a Ferrari F355 Is a Nightmare

Not only did it cost me almost $700 -- but it was a huge pain.

Here’s Everything I Hate About My Cheap Ferrari F355

Unfortunately, it's not all sunshine and rainbows with the best car I've ever owned.

Here’s Everything I Love About My Cheap Ferrari F355

I've just spent the last week driving automotive nirvana.

Video | Replacing a Simple Hose Fixed My Cheap Ferrari F355

It turned out to be the best-case scenario with my latest purchase, and I'm just as surprised as you.

Video | Here’s What Broke on My Cheap Ferrari F355

It could have been much worse -- but the repair will still be an expensive welcome to Ferrari ownership.

Video | I Traded My Perfect Acura NSX for a Broken Ferrari F355

Clearly, this is my best worst decision yet!

Here Are the 5 Most Beautiful Cars For Sale on Autotrader

These are the five most beautiful cars you can purchase on Autotrader, according to me.

Here’s Why the F355 Is (Almost) My Favorite Ferrari

I absolutely love the Ferrari F355 -- but I wouldn't get one. Here's why.
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