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3 Used Premium Electric Cars That Aren’t Teslas

For drivers who like the idea of an electric luxury car, but want something a little different, here are four used premium electric cars that aren’t Teslas

Update: Used Fisker Karmas Are Now Easy To Find For Under $30,000

A more eye-catching, sub-$30,000 car probably doesn't exist.

6 of the Weirdest Cars of the 2010s

The decade had its fair share of quirky automobiles.

Here Are 5 Great Cars for Sale on Autotrader From Orphan Brands

Even though their brands don't exist anymore, these cars are still pretty cool.

5 Cool Cars From Defunct Brands for Sale on Autotrader

There are some interesting cars out there for those still pining for brands who are no longer with us.

The Cheapest Fisker Karma on Autotrader Is Just $27,500

The Fisker Karma keeps depreciating -- and this is the cheapest one yet.

Autotrader Find: 2012 Fisker Karma With 90,000 Miles for $32,000

Looking for a bargain-priced Fisker Karma?

You Can Now Buy a Fisker Karma on Autotrader for Less Than a New 3 Series

The Fisker Karma is getting surprisingly cheap.

Autotrader Find: Fisker Karma With 59,000 Miles

You thought the Fisker Karma wasn't reliable? You think there's no way to service them? Whoever owned this car wasn't intimidated.

A Used Fisker Karma Is Still Surprisingly Expensive

I thought the Fisker Karma would be worthless by now. I was wrong.
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