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Ford Dealers Can Now Offer Certified Pre-Owned Coverage for (Almost) Any Make and Model

The Ford Blue Advantage site's Autotrader-powered search engine pulls up tons of used cars from just about any make or model.

2019 Ford Fusion: New Car Review

Rearranging standard content among its many trim levels pretty well sums up the updates for the 2019 Ford Fusion.

2020 Ford Fusion Review

The 2020 Ford Fusion soldiers on without a V6 option.

2018 Ford Fusion: New Car Review

The 2018 Ford Fusion has all the equipment, dynamics, power, space and looks it needs to be a top midsize sedan buy.

2017 Ford Fusion: New Car Review

The 2017 Ford Fusion receives a thorough makeover for the new year. Should Camry and Accord worry?

Ford Is Using Its Self-Driving Test Cars to Deliver Food to Students in Need

Ford is putting its self-driving test cars to work by delivering food to needy students.

Tombstone Tally: These Are The Dead Cars for 2021

The Grim Reaper ready to fill up the automotive graveyard, and this year he's after sedans and coupes, plus a few hatchbacks.

10 Best Used Midsize Cars Under $15,000

For less than the price of a new subcompact, you can find yourself behind the wheel of one of these 10 Best Used Midsize Cars Under $15,000.

Segment Spotlight: Midsize Sedans

If you’re in the market for a midsize sedan and are trying to make sense of all the options out there, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Midsize Cars for 2020

These are the best midsize sedans for the 2020 model year.
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