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Autotrader Find: 1995 Ford Taurus SHO with 12,000 Miles

The Taurus SHO was the "Super High Output" version of Ford's popular midsize sedan.

Autotrader Bargain: Yamaha-Powered Ford Taurus SHO

This Autotrader Find is a 1994 Ford Taurus

5 Car Redesigns That Totally Flopped When New But Are Bargains Today

Car redesigns are not like movie sequels. The follow-up usually improves upon the original, often immeasurably better in every possible way

10 Best Used Cars Under $12,000

These are the best used cars under $12,000.

Autotrader Find: Rare V8-Powered Ford Taurus SHO

Today's Autotrader Find: a 1998 Ford Taurus SHO

The Ford Taurus SHO Is an Affordable and Fun Family Car

It was overlooked when it was new, but now the Taurus SHO is a good pick.

Good Deal Alert: Cars Being Discontinued for 2020

Things aren't looking good for sedans and small cars.

6 Great New Fords Under $30,000 for 2019

Ford's reputation for value holds up in 2019.

6 Great CPO Fords Under $25,000 for 2019

Whether you want a practical car, a fun car or both, there's a CPO Ford for you.

7 Good Used Fords Under $5,000 for 2019

A small budget can go a long way when you're shopping for a used Ford.
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