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Autotrader Find: Manual Honda Element SC

Today’s Autotrader Find is one of the most desirable versions of this SUV; it’s a 2007 Honda Element SC with a manual.

5 Cars With Rear-Hinged Back Doors on Autotrader

Safety standards made it difficult for automakers to achieve high crashworthiness without a solid central pillar. That's no longer the case.

10 Best Adventure Vehicles Under $15,000

Whether you're traversing the trail or hauling gear across town, these five vehicles will get there while stubbornly resisting depreciation.

10 Best Used AWD Vehicles Under $10,000

You may be surprised at just how much AWD SUV or car you can get for less than $10,000, too. Here's a look at 10 of the best choices.

5 Discontinued Cars That Should Come Back as EVs

Hummer’s return got me thinking about what other discontinued cars would be cool to see come back in the form of an EV.

7 Best Used Hondas Under $5,000

There's a reason that Honda is such a popular choice in affordable used cars.

5 Great SUVs with Tailgates Currently Listed for Sale on Autotrader

The split rear tailgate is a game-changing feature.

Remember When Honda was Quirky?

It wasn't that long ago.

9 Good Used AWD Cars Under $10,000 for 2020

All-wheel drive vehicles tend to hold their value better than vehicles with just front- or rear-wheel drive.

8 Good Used Compact SUVs Under $5,000 for 2019

A small budget can go farther than you might think in a small SUV.
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