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5 of the Coolest Hummers for Sale on Autotrader

Here are 5 distinctive Hummer models from the brand’s heyday currently for sale on Autotrader.

Buying a Used HUMMER: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a used HUMMER? Don't buy one unless you've read our summary of everything you need to know.

Autotrader Find: Ultra-Rare Hummer H1 Slant Back with 500 Miles

This Autotrader find is a 2000 Hummer H1 - a rare factory slantback model.

Autotrader Find: 2000 Hummer H1 2-Door Pickup with 2,328 Miles

Here’s a Hummer pickup that you can actually buy right now though, and a pretty rare one at that.

Autotrader Find: Military-Spec Humvee With 62 Miles

Today's Autotrader Find: a 2004 Hummer H1.

Autotrader Find: Low-Mile Custom 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha

For when a regular Hummer H1 Alpha is just too low-key.

Here Are the Most Expensive Pickup Trucks For Sale on Autotrader

Pickup trucks aren't always cheap workhorses.

Here Are 5 Great Convertible SUVs For Sale on Autotrader

Convertible SUVs aren't common, but they're around if you know where to look.

Here Are 5 Great Convertible SUVs Listed For Sale on Autotrader

These vehicles offer the best of two different worlds.

Here Are 6 Great Old-School Family SUVs for Sale on Autotrader

Old-school SUVs are becoming popular -- and you can enjoy these six with your whole family.
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