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10 Best Used Midsize Luxury Cars Under $20,000

Here are the 10 best used midsize luxury cars you can find on Autotrader for under $20,000.

10 Best Used Cars Under $12,000

These are the best used cars under $12,000.

10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under $30,000

These are the best certified pre-owned luxury vehicles under $30,000.

7 Good Used Luxury Cars Under $15,000 for 2020

Depreciation has put some great luxury cars within your reach.

6 Modern Day Muscle Cars Under $45,000 for 2019

Muscle cars are all about offering lots of power for not a lot of money.

The Hyundai Genesis Isn’t Depreciating as Quickly as I Wanted

I once bought a nearly new Hyundai Genesis really cheap -- but it appears those days are over...

6 Fast Cars Invisible to Most Cops

Check out our list of sneaky-quick autos ... just in case you want a fast car that doesn't scream "give me a ticket!"

7 High-Horsepower CPO Cars

For those wanting high-performance exhilaration and a high-value proposition, buying certified pre-owned (CPO) is the sensible way to go.

2016 Hyundai Genesis vs. 2016 Cadillac CTS: Which Is Better?

We're comparing two popular luxury sedans -- the 2016 Hyundai Genesis and the 2016 Cadillac CTS -- to find out which is better.

12 Used Cars With Self-Driving Technologies

Self-driving technology is available on used cars as well as new ones. Here are 12 models to consider.
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