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What Happened to All Those 1990s Infiniti Models?

Just look around for an early Infiniti. What happened to those cars? Investigate the unsolved mystery.

5 ’90s Luxury Sedans That Will Make You Feel Like a Rad CEO

These executive sedans still drip with power and prestige while costing way less than when new.

My Father’s Car: Cars That Remind Us of Our Dads

Father's Day is here -- so our staffers have shared their memories of the cars that remind them most of their fathers.

This Infiniti Badge Might Just Be One of the Coolest Ever

The First Generation Infiniti Q45 had a special badge, and it might be one of the coolest ever.

Why Don’t Cars Have Gold Trim Anymore?

Gold emblems used to be the best way to let people know that you want them to think you're rich.

In the Beginning: The Infiniti Q45

This is how Infiniti started off: with birds and water.

Luxury Cars for Less: Roll in Style With These 5 Used Luxury Rides

Looking for luxury on a budget? Look no further than our Top 5 ways to roll in style without breaking the bank. These rides have it all.

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