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Autotrader Find: 2003 Land Rover Freelander G4 Tribute

The G4 Challenge gave birth to several Land Rover special edition vehicles, among them the Freelander.

Autotrader Find: 2003 Land Rover Freelander SE3 G4 Challenge Tribute

This is one seriously unique take on an already-rare SUV.

Autotrader Find: 2005 Land Rover Freelander 2-Door

There are basically none of these left.

These Are the Coolest Land Rover Models For Sale on Autotrader

Here are some Land Rovers that are a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill leased Range Rover Sport.

The Land Rover Freelander’s Brake Lights Were Really Strange

The Land Rover Freelander's brake lights made absolutely no sense. Fifteen years later, they still don't.

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