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The Lexus CT200h and HS250h Are Good Used Car Buys

Here's how to get more luxury than a Prius for the same money.

6 Great CPO Hybrid Cars Under $25,000 for 2019

Save money and save fuel with these thrifty CPO hybrids.

The Lexus CT 200h Is a Good, Luxurious Alternative to a Used Toyota Prius

Want a Prius, but with a little more luxury? Lexus made a tempting alternative.

2017 Lexus CT200h: New Car Review

The 2017 Lexus CT200h compact hybrid hatchback remains the least expensive Lexus to buy and the cheapest to run.

2016 Lexus CT200h: 5 Reasons to Buy – Video

Looking for a premium hatchback hybrid? Meet the 2016 Lexus CT200h, and check out our five reasons to save with this versatile Lexus.

7 Great Used Cars That Get 35 Miles Per Gallon

Looking for an especially efficient vehicle on a tight budget? We've listed seven excellent used models that get 35 miles to the gallon. ...

9 Great Cars for Recent College Graduates: 2016 Edition

If you're a recent college graduate looking for a great new car on a budget, we have them all right here.

2016 Lexus CT 200h: New Car Review

The 2016 Lexus CT 200h compact hybrid hatchback is the cheapest Lexus to buy and also the cheapest to run.

6 CPO Cars That Get Great Gas Mileage

We've listed six of our favorite certified pre-owned cars that offer a wallet-friendly 30 miles per gallon or more. ...

7 Great CPO Hybrid Cars for Under $20,000

We've listed seven of our favorite fuel-saving hybrid cars with money-saving certified pre-owned warranties -- all for under $20,000. ...
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