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Tombstone Tally: These Are The Dead Cars for 2021

The Grim Reaper ready to fill up the automotive graveyard, and this year he's after sedans and coupes, plus a few hatchbacks.

2020 Lexus GS Review

Lexus eliminated the base grade in the GS lineup for 2020.

The Lexus GS-F Will Be a Great Used Performance Luxury Sedan

Here's the chance to own a performance luxury sedan without huge ownership costs.

The Lexus GS F Is the Last of a Dying Breed

And it still does burnouts.

Here Are 5 Great CPO Luxury Car Bargains for Sale on Autotrader

Here's your chance to get a great deal on some certified pre-owned luxury cars.

Where Are the Lexus F Models?

Lexus's "F" high-performance line had such promise. But now ...

Here Are 5 Certified Pre-Owned High-Performance Family Cars

Speed, space and a warranty. What else could you want?

6 Ultra-Rare Certified Pre-Owned Cars For Sale on Autotrader

Here are six unusual cars you can buy with a factory-backed certified pre-owned warranty.

Here Are the Most Unusual Lexus Models Currently Listed on Autotrader

Lexuses aren't usually weird -- and yet, I've tracked down a few odd ones for sale on Autotrader.

The Lexus GS F Is the Incognito Performance Sedan

The Lexus GS F is a little slower than its rivals -- but also a little stealthier.
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