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5 ’90s Luxury Sedans That Will Make You Feel Like a Rad CEO

These executive sedans still drip with power and prestige while costing way less than when new.

Autotrader Find: Low-Mileage 1994 Lexus LS 400 for $2,995

You won't find a cooler vehicle for under $3,000.

These Are the Best-Preserved Older Lexus Models for Sale on Autotrader

Here are five older Lexus models that were driven sparingly.

Autotrader Find: Pristine 1992 Lexus LS400 With 34,000 Miles

This Lexus LS400 is in fantastic condition -- which isn't common.

Video | The 1990 Lexus LS 400 Was the Start of Lexus

I'm taking a look back at the start of Lexus.

I’ve Been Using a 950,000-Mile Lexus as a Daily Driver

This Lexus LS400 is still going strong with nearly a million miles on the clock.

Autotrader Find: Pristine 1990 Lexus LS 400

This LS 400 has been perfectly preserved over 25 years -- and now it's for sale on Autotrader.

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