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5 Great Used Lexus Off-Roaders for Sale on Autotrader

Luxury brand Lexus has also offered several different rugged SUVs over the years that make for exceptional off-roaders.

These Are the Best-Preserved Older Lexus Models for Sale on Autotrader

Here are five older Lexus models that were driven sparingly.

Autotrader Find: 1999 Lexus LX470 With 430,000 Miles

This Lexus SUV has done family duty for 20 years and a lot of miles.

Video | Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser Lasts Forever

After one year with my 364,000-mile Lexus LX470, I'm in awe of how it survives my continued stupidity.

Going Off-Road With Six of the Market’s Toughest Trucks and SUVs

Driver's notes from a bumpy day in the mountains above Breckenridge.

Here’s What It’s Like to Own Nearly 40 Cars

I attempt to give an update on my "Hooptie Fleet" without seeming like a crazy person. I don't think I succeeded.

Video | I Bought the Cheapest Toyota Land Cruiser in the USA: 6-Month Ownership Report

It took this long to complete my expedition build on this luxury Lexus Land Cruiser -- and way too much money was spent.

Here Are Five Older Lexus Models You’ve Probably Forgotten

Even a relatively young brand like Lexus has made a few cars that have faded into obscurity.

Video | Big Bumpers, Sliders and a Snorkel for the Cheapest Land Cruiser in the USA

The differences between the Lexus LX470 and the Toyota Land Cruiser presented challenges with the installation of EVERYTHING.

Video | I’ve Lifted the Cheapest Toyota Land Cruiser in the United States

I decided to get hands-on with the suspension lift on my Lexus. It wasn't fun, but I'm going to see this project through to the end.
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