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7 Interesting Low-Mile Pickup Trucks on Autotrader

Many of the highest-mile vehicles for sale on Autotrader are pickup trucks.

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The American pickup truck market was thoroughly saturated not too long ago.

Here’s Why Luxury Brand Trucks Failed

Luxury trucks sell in huge numbers -- so why did luxury brand trucks fail?

Autotrader Find: Shockingly Nice 2002 Lincoln Blackwood

Here's a mint Lincoln Blackwood with under 30,000 miles.

Autotrader Find: Ultra-Low-Mile 2002 Lincoln Blackwood

You won't see another Lincoln Blackwood this nice. Or at all.

5 Ridiculous Pickup Trucks That Actually Exist

You may not believe us, but these are five real pickup trucks that actually made it into production.

The Lincoln Blackwood Was a Lovable Pickup Truck Failure

Fifteen years ago, Lincoln made a pickup truck. It was horrible. And yet... strangely alluring.

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