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2022 Toyota Sienna Woodlands Edition: Lifted Minivans Are Finally a Thing (Again)

Here's a look back at some adventurous minivans that enthusiasts will appreciate.

Autotrader Find: 1992 Mazda MPV with 117,000 Miles

This Autotrader find was a bit of an oddball when it was new, and it remains one of the more unique mainstream modern vehicles.

These Were The 5 Weirdest Minivan Features

Why wouldn't you want a minivan with an awkwardly long driver's door or a center stack that looks like a pedestal?

5 Weird Minivans With Non-Sliding Doors

And now, a list that no one asked for.

The Mazda MPV Had No Idea What it Was

First, it was a van, then a taller van, then an SUV, then a van again.

The Mazda MPV: When Mazda’s Minivan Was Actually an SUV

Mazda was among the earliest adopters of the SUV -- but they called it a minivan.
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