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Here Are 5 Modern Supercars That Are Getting Cheap

Supercars are expensive -- but these five are a little cheaper than most.

Autotrader Find: The Cheapest McLaren on Autotrader For $89,000

If you want a relatively affordable way to enter supercar ownership, consider this McLaren.

Video | Here’s Why I’m Selling My McLaren MP4-12C After Only 6 Months

It's time to say goodbye to my McLaren while I still can.

Video | Maybe I Should Have Bought a Ferrari 458 Instead of My McLaren MP4-12C

Experiencing another depreciating exotic has me second guessing my well-known reputation of excellent purchase decisions.

Video | My McLaren Was Beaten by a Honda Civic at an Autocross

I had some non-warranty voiding fun -- thanks to a paved lot full of cones.

Here’s Why McLaren Denied Part of My Warranty Claim

I actually had to pay for a repair! The Horror!

Video | The One Thing I Can Never Do With My McLaren MP4-12C Is Driving Me Crazy

It's a good thing this car is so nice to drive normally.

Video | Here’s Everything That’s Currently Broken on My Cheap McLaren MP4-12C

The source of my check engine light is actually a really common used car problem.

My McLaren MP4-12C Is Finally Home — and It’s ALMOST Everything I Hoped For

After a very long wait for a transmission replacement, I actually get to drive my car for the first time.

Video | Here’s Everything That’s Broken on My McLaren Over the Past 2 Years

With over $100,000 spent, this car may be the winner of the highest amount of warranty repairs.
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