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Video | Here’s Why the McLaren P1 Is the Ultimate Modern McLaren

The McLaren P1 is amazing, as I recently had the chance to find out.

These Are the Most Expensive British Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Here's how you can pay big money for a British car.

These Are the Most Expensive Cars Listed For Sale on Autotrader

There are dozens of cars on Autotrader for over $1 million -- and here are the most expensive.

High-Performance Hybrids: 5 Fierce Gas-Electric Superstars

Who says hybrids can't be high performance. Here are five gas/electric performance overachievers.

Autotrader Find: McLaren P1 With 100 Miles for $3 Million

Angry you missed out on getting a brand new McLaren P1? Well, now you get a second chance.

Driving the McLaren P1 Supercar on Its Fifth Anniversary

A day behind the wheel of the McLaren P1 reveals that it remains a benchmark supercar, even 5 years after its introduction.

Here Are 5 Recent Exotic Cars That Have Gone up in Value

Some exotic cars depreciate -- and others shoot up in value. Here are five recent models that have gained in value.

These Are the Cheapest McLarens For Sale on Autotrader

McLarens still aren't cheap -- but they're getting there. Here are the least expensive McLaren models on Autotrader.

There’s a McLaren P1 on Autotrader for $2.13 Million

This McLaren P1 is the single most expensive car currently listed on Autotrader.

7 Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles That Are Fun to Drive

Our latest list proves that buying an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a dull driving experience.
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