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Autotrader Find: Ultra Rare McLaren Senna Can-Am

This amazing McLaren is one of only three of its kind produced and has just 44 miles on it.

Autotrader Find: McLaren Senna For $1.43 Million

McLaren's latest supercar is rare and special -- and very expensive.

Autotrader Find: McLaren Senna for $1.5 Million

There haven't been many Senna models on the market yet -- but here's one for sale.

Video | Here’s Why the McLaren Senna Is Worth $1.8 Million

I recently drove the McLaren Senna, and it's truly amazing.

2019 McLaren Senna: First Drive Review

The most impressive thing about the McLaren Senna isn't its 789 horsepower or incredible handling, but its almost Formula One-like braking.

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