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These old SUVs are starting to become cool again, especially when they're covered in dirt.

5 Of The Weirdest Sunroofs Ever Made

As if cutting a hole in a perfectly good roof isn't strange enough, these are the five weirdest sunroofs.

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The luxury SUV is a fairly new concept -- but there are still some older models around.

The Mercedes-Benz ML320 From “The Lost World” Is My Favorite Movie Car Ever

Movie cars are revered -- but my favorite one is a little outside the mainstream.

Let’s Check in on Some Automotive Segment Pioneers

Let's Check In On Some Automotive Segment Pioneers

Here Are the Best-Preserved 1990s SUVs For Sale on Autotrader

These 1990s SUVs have all been saved shockingly well.

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We're showing you the real-life versions of six popular movie cars you can buy today (without being a movie star).

The 1998 Mercedes M-Class Changed America Forever

It's been 20 years since the Mercedes M-Class changed America and everyone in it.

2006-2011 Mercedes-Benz M-Class: Used Car Review

Luxury and safety are two attributes you'd expect from the 2006-2011 Mercedes-Benz M-Class, but economy and performance also make the...

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