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These Were the Stepping Stones to Today’s Performance SUVs

Over the past decades, these hotted-up models paved the way for today's fastest SUVs.

5 Of The Weirdest Sunroofs Ever Made

As if cutting a hole in a perfectly good roof isn't strange enough, these are the five weirdest sunroofs.

Here Are 5 Ultra-Cheap Used High-Performance SUVs For Sale on Autotrader

You don't need to pay big money for a high-performance SUV.

Here Are the Most Interesting AMG Cars For Sale on Autotrader

Autotrader is awash with interesting vehicles. Like, for instance, these five AMG cars.

Can These Old Luxury Performance SUVs Climb a Ski Mountain?

My Mercedes-Benz ML55 and Porsche Cayenne Turbo attempted to climb some ski slopes in Colorado (and things inevitably broke in the process).

I Needed a Chainsaw to Extract My Stolen Mercedes ML55 AMG

I was able to successfully remove my stolen AMG from its woodland tomb and fully assess the damage.

My Mercedes ML55 Was Stolen by a Really Stupid Thief

Someone got a five-finger discount on my Mercedes -- and I went to crazy lengths to get it back.

I Bought the Cheapest AMG in the USA: 1-Year Ownership Report

My 2000 Mercedes ML55 AMG has been totally reliable, so I'm selling it. I also nearly rolled it over doing donuts in a field.

My Mercedes CLK55 AMG and ML55 AMG: The Forgotten (and Cheap) AMGs in Hoovie’s Garage

I describe the benefits of owning a pair of often overlooked bargain AMGs from the Y2K era.

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