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5 Different Ford Panther Platform Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Underpinning several full-size sedans from 1978 to 2011, Ford’s rear-wheel-drive Panther Platform was known for being sturdy.

Video | Here Are 5 of the Best Examples of the Ford Panther Platform For Sale on Autotrader

The last American land yachts from Ford wore a lot of faces.

Autotrader Find: Perfect Mercury Marauder With 4,600 Miles … for $52,750

This is the nicest Mercury Marauder in the world. It's also the most expensive.

I Filmed a Commercial With My Mercury Marauder

Getting approached to do a commercial was neat, but I was surprised by their choice of car to feature.

The Mercury Marauder Is the Greatest Panther of All Time

The Mercury Marauder was the hooligan counterpart to your grandma's Grand Marquis.

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