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Good Used Wagons Under $10,000 for 2022

A $10,000 wagon could be the cure for all your SUV woes.

5 Cars With Rear-Hinged Back Doors on Autotrader

Safety standards made it difficult for automakers to achieve high crashworthiness without a solid central pillar. That's no longer the case.

2022 Mini Clubman: Choosing the Right Trim

Here's what each trim of the 2022 Mini Clubman offers, so you can choose the best one for your needs and budget.

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2021 Mini Clubman Review

The 2021 Mini Clubman is the bigger sibling of the diminutive Cooper, but it has all the same style and flair you'd expect from a Mini.

4 Weird Used Cars on Autotrader with 3 Doors

Check out these asymmetrical wonders.

2020 Mini Clubman Review

The big news for the 2020 Mini Clubman is that its John Cooper Works ALL4 gets a 301 horsepower engine.

2019 Mini Clubman Review

A bit of new technology is the only notable change for the 2019 Mini Clubman.

2018 Mini Clubman: New Car Review

The unique six-door 2018 Mini Clubman is the perfect choice for Mini owners who've outgrown their Cooper. Fun, characterful, high-quality.
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