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How Do You Finance a Car That’s More Than 10 Years Old?

Today on Ask Doug, someone asks Doug how to finance an older car. And Doug responds.

Is There Any Exotic Car You Can Drive Daily Without Hurting the Value?

Today in Ask Doug, we're discussing the prospect of daily driving an exotic car.

What Are the Logistics of Launching a New Car?

Today on Ask Doug, we're discussing the moment a new car goes on sale.

What’s the Best First Car for a Car Enthusiast?

Today's "Ask Doug" tackles the best first-car option for a car enthusiast.

Where Is the Next DougCar?

In this week's "Ask Doug," we're discussing the future of the DougCar.

I’m Way Over My Lease Miles, What Do I Do?

It's time for Ask Doug, where Doug answers all of your pressing automotive questions.

How Come Rear Windows Don’t Roll All the Way Down?

In today's "Ask Doug," we're tackling the art of rear windows.

What Do Pickup Truck Numbers Actually Mean?

It's time for Ask Doug -- and today, we're diving into pickup truck numbers.

Why Do People Leave on the Dealership License Plate Frame?

It's time for Ask Doug -- and today, we're tackling dealership license plate frames.

Is There Such Thing as a Modern-Day Old-School Luxury Car?

It's time for Ask Doug, where we're going to find out what you buy if you don't want any "sport" in your sedan.
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