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Dead Marque Spotlight: Plymouth

After taking a look back at Saturn a few weeks ago, our next rendition of ‘Dead Marque Spotlight’ is centered around Chrysler's defunct Plymouth brand.

5 Crazy Colored Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Remember when you could only get the Plymouth Prowler in purple?

Here Are 5 Cheap Retro Cars For Sale on Autotrader

If you're looking for a retro car, you can now get one cheaper than ever.

5 Cool Cars From Defunct Brands for Sale on Autotrader

There are some interesting cars out there for those still pining for brands who are no longer with us.

5 Cars That Look Best in Purple

In a sea of silver and gray, sometimes what your car needs is a nice, deep purple.

Will the Plymouth Prowler Ever Be Worth Big Money?

Many people saved Plymouth Prowlers, hoping they'd strike it rich. But then ...

Autotrader Find: 1999 Plymouth Prowler With 167 Miles

Looking for the nicest Prowler on the market? Here it is.

Autotrader Find: Never-Titled 1997 Plymouth Prowler With Matching Prowler Trailer

Looking for a modern hot rod, but need more practicality? Autotrader has the solution.

These Are the Lowest-Mileage Older Cars For Sale on Autotrader

Every car on this list is at least 16 years old -- and none of them have over 1,000 miles. Interested?

Here’s Why the Plymouth Prowler Is the Strangest 1990s Car

The Plymouth Prowler might just be the most hilarious car I've ever driven. Here's why.
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