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These Are the Most Expensive Convertibles for Sale on Autotrader

These convertibles are really, really pricey.

These Are the Most Expensive Cars Listed for Sale on Autotrader – March 2019

You can spend way, way more than you might think with some of the most expensive listings on Autotrader.

These Are the Most Expensive Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Autotrader doesn't just have cars for people like you and me -- here are the priciest cars for sale on the site.

These Are the Most Expensive Cars Listed For Sale on Autotrader

There are dozens of cars on Autotrader for over $1 million -- and here are the most expensive.

Here Are the Most Expensive Used Porsches on Autotrader

Just because they're "used" doesn't mean they're "cheap."

High-Performance Hybrids: 5 Fierce Gas-Electric Superstars

Who says hybrids can't be high performance. Here are five gas/electric performance overachievers.

Autotrader Find: Porsche 918 Spyder With Martini Livery

Not just any 918 Spyder. A 918 Spyder that looks like a Martini race car.

5 Cars That Live Up to Their Hype

There's a lot of hype around a lot of cars -- and many of them don't deserve it. Here are a few that do.

Here’s What It’s Like to Drive a $1.7 Million Porsche 918 Spyder

I drove the Porsche 918 Spyder. It was amazing. Here's what it feels like when you're handed the key to a $1.7 million car.
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