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Selling a Used Car: The Fastest and Slowest things about Selling Used Cars

Certain used vehicles sell faster or slower than others, and here's the list for the 10 fastest and 10 slowest selling used cars.

What to Consider Before Selling a Car

We've listed a few things that you'll want to think about before you list your car for sale.

Selling a Car: How to Write a Great Classified Ad

Considering selling a car on It's time to write an irresistible classified ad! These three tips will help you seal the deal.

Selling a Car: Why It’s Hard to Sell a Car with Limited Appeal

Before you choose an unusual color or an unpopular vehicle, you might want to consider what will happen when it's time to sell.

5 Photo-Shooting Tips for a Used Car Ad

Five tips to maximize the impact photos have on selling your used car.

Improve Your SUV Resale Value With These Options

If you aren’t likely to keep your SUV long, these options will make a difference when it's time to sell or trade in.

Selling Your Car: Common Scams

We've taken some of the stress out of selling your car by listing a few common scams you should be aware of.

Selling Your Car: Items to Fix Before You Sell

If you're looking to sell your car, consider fixing these important features before placing your ad.

Selling Your Car: What To Do Before You Sign Over The Title

If you're selling your car, we've listed a few key steps to remember before you sign over the title.

Which Features Are Best for Resale Value?

Which options should you choose if you're interested in getting the best possible resale price for your car?
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