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5 Cars Canceled Too Soon

Like a good TV show that doesn't resonate with its intended audience, some new cars have been placed on the chopping block too early.

6 Underrated 90s Performance Cars on Autotrader

Here are some underrated 90s performance cars deserving more love.

6 Great 1990s Japanese Sports Cars For Sale On Autotrader

Here we'll refer to $30,000 as a 'reasonable' price for a 25-year old car.

Here Are Detailed US Sales Figures for Each of the ’90s Japanese Sports Cars

This puts into context just how rare -- or how common -- these vehicles truly are.

Video | The Subaru SVX Is the Weirdest Subaru Ever Made

The Subaru that wasn't like all the others.

Here Are 5 Pristine 1990s Japanese Sports Cars For Sale on Autotrader

Looking for a perfect Japanese sports car from the golden era?

I Bought the Cheapest Subaru SVX in the United States

For only $500, I purchased a very weird 1990s Japanese super-coupe, which still appears to have some fight left in it.

Market Report: Mid-1990s Japanese Sports Cars

Here's where pricing stands for all the mid-1990s Japanese sports cars you always wanted.

The Subaru SVX Is the 1990s Japanese Sports Car Everyone Has Forgotten

The 1990s Japanese sports-car craze featured Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and... Subaru?
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