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Tesla Hikes Price of World’s Fastest Car

Just hours before the first 25 Model S Plaid electric cars reach their owners, Tesla increased the price.

What is Ludicrous Mode and Ludicrous Plus Mode?

Find out Tesla's meaning behind Ludicrous Mode and Ludicrous Plus Mode on its latest models.

Here’s Why Tesla Canceled the 520-Mile, 1,100-hp Model S Plaid+

The cryptic Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a short statement -- as usual.

Buying an Electric Vehicle: 7 Tips for First-Time Buyers

There are a few important questions you should ask yourself before you make the switch to an EV.

These Are The Highest-Mile Teslas On Autotrader

Here's a look at the highest-mile version of each Tesla model currently on Autotrader.

Autotrader Find: 254,000-Mile 2016 Tesla Model S

This AT Find: A 2010 Tesla Model S is for sale.

Tesla Just Surpassed Audi in U.S. Registrations

Electric automaker Tesla has the fourth-highest U.S. registrations among luxury brands last year.

Tesla Says Recalled Touchscreens Were Made to Last 5-6 Years

The screens in recently recalled Teslas had a 5- to 6-year life span, a filing notes.

These Tesla Models Are Being Recalled Over Touchscreen

Tesla has agreed to recall Model S and Model X vehicles due to a touchscreen issue.

5 Crazy Features in the New Tesla Model S and Model X

The latest Tesla Model S and Model X have futuristic features like a yoke instead of a steering wheel.
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