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These Are The Highest-Mile Teslas On Autotrader

Here's a look at the highest-mile version of each Tesla model currently on Autotrader.

Video | Here’s Why the Original Tesla Roadster Was a Total Failure

But as we know, failure often breeds success.

Autotrader Find: 2008 Tesla Roadster for $50,350

This is the cheapest Tesla Roadster for sale on Autotrader.

These Are the 5 Cheapest Teslas For Sale on Autotrader

You don't have to pay big money to get a cool Tesla. These are the cheapest (operational) used models listed on Autotrader.

I Drove an Ultra-Rare Tesla Roadster … And It Was Amazing

You know the Model S. You know the Model X. Well, I drove the other Tesla. Here's what I think.

Buying a Car: Our Favorite Discontinued Models (And Some Good Alternatives)

We're sad these eight cars have been discontinued -- but we've rounded up a few good alternatives you can still buy today. ...

2011 Tesla Roadster: Overview

The all-electric Roadster is a sporty 2-seater from EV-maker Tesla.

Time Running Out for Tesla Roadster

The iconic Tesla Roadster will soon be supplanted by Tesla's new Model S sedan.

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