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10 Best Used AWD Vehicles Under $10,000

You may be surprised at just how much AWD SUV or car you can get for less than $10,000, too. Here's a look at 10 of the best choices.

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These are the best used hatchbacks under $8,000.

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Hatchbacks hold their value better than their sedan counterparts.

The Toyota Matrix XRS Is an Underappreciated Hot Hatchback

It's a manual Toyota hatchback with the engine from the Lotus Elise -- and yet, nobody cares about it.

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2013 Toyota Matrix: New Car Review

The 2013 Toyota Matrix is a solid, practical choice that's overlooked by too many shoppers.

2012 Toyota Matrix: New Car Review – Video

The 2012 Toyota Matrix delivers big car versatility in a small and nimble hatchback package.

2012 Toyota Matrix: New Car Review

Does the 2012 Toyota Matrix hit the sweet spot between hatchbacks and crossover SUVs? Find out in our comprehensive review.

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