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2022 Toyota Sienna Woodlands Edition: Lifted Minivans Are Finally a Thing (Again)

Here's a look back at some adventurous minivans that enthusiasts will appreciate.

These Were The 5 Weirdest Minivan Features

Why wouldn't you want a minivan with an awkwardly long driver's door or a center stack that looks like a pedestal?

Video | Two of My Never-Ending Car Projects Are Finally Getting Finished

But one of the cars I care about most is still a long way from coming home.

Autotrader Find: Gorgeous 1995 Toyota Previa AWD Supercharged

Here's a 1990s icon that isn't an exotic sports car.

Video | I Bought the Greatest Minivan Ever Made: A Supercharged Toyota Previa

Many don't realize this funky egg-shaped minivan from the 1990s has a little supercar DNA.

These Are the Highest-Mileage Toyota Trucks and SUVs on Autotrader

Toyota trucks have a reputation for durability -- and these trucks prove it.

Video | The Toyota Previa Is the Weirdest Minivan Ever

Most minivans are designed to carry people. The Previa is designed to carry people … weirdly.

Here Are Five Weird Old Minivans For Sale on Autotrader

Here are some of the more unusual -- and memorable -- older minivans.

The Toyota Previa Is the Supercar of Minivans

The Toyota Previa is a midengined, supercharged, all-wheel-drive minivan that's basically a supercar.

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