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8 Best New SUVs Under $40,000

With this lineup of SUVs, 2020 is a great time to be shopping for a new vehicle.

Warning: There Are Used Hellcats for Under $40,000

These muscle cars may start falling into the wrong hands.

You Can Get a Supercharged V8 Jaguar F-Type For Less Than $35,000

The Jaguar F-Type has become a used bargain that should be on the enthusiast's radar.

5 Great New Minivans Under $40,000 for 2020

Enjoy the family-friendly practicality of one of these minivans under $40,000.

Top 8 Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under $40,000 for 2020

Get a modern luxury car at a nice discount compared to a new one.

8 Great New 3-Row SUVs Under $40,000 for 2020

These family-haulers beautifully combine style, practicality and value.

8 Great New Compact SUVs Under $40,000 for 2020

There are a lot of exciting offerings on the compact SUV market today.

7 Great New Midsize SUVs Under $40,000 for 2020

You can get a really nice new midsize SUV in this price range.

5 Great Modern Day Muscle Cars Under $40,000 for 2019

The cars on this list offer big power in a no-frills package.

8 Great Performance Cars Under $35,000 for 2019

Sports cars come in all different shapes and sizes here in 2019.
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