Is the new Camry front or rear wheel drive? I've read that rear wheel drive is better.

From RonUT316

AutoTrader: The Camry is front-wheel drive. Many performance and luxury cars have rear wheel-drive because it generally provides better handling. For example, automakers like Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz use rear wheel drive.

But there are some advantages to front-wheel drive. Because the drive components are close together, front-wheel drive cars can be cheaper to produce, which typically means cheaper to buy. And they tend to be more efficient, which means cheaper to run, too. And having more weight over the front wheels means they tend to have better traction on slippery roads.

While the new Camry does have improved suspension and handling no matter which version you pick, it's not really intended as a serious high-performance or luxury sedan. So we expect the Camry to continue with front wheel drive for many years.

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