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Have you found the car just right for you, but it's miles away? No worries, just contact the dealer, buy the car online and your car will be delivered right to your door. You'll never have to visit a dealership, and you can do all of this from the comfort of your home.

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Find the Right Car

Don't be discouraged if the car you are searching for is not close by. Expand your search by including vehicles that can be delivered to you. Some dealers will deliver that specific car to you no matter where you are. Don't let distance keep you from the car that's just right for you.

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Buy the Car Online

Buying a car online can save you a lot of time and money. Whether you are looking for a vehicle that is outside of your local area or you enjoy the convenience of shopping from home, many dealers offer the option to buy a car online.

Step 1: When searching for a vehicle, look for the "Delivery Available" indicator. These sellers provide an online buying experience. You can use our filters to only see vehicles which can be delivered.

Step 2: Click on the image of the vehicle you are interested in to review program details and possible shipping costs.Then simply contact the dealer to ask more questions about their online buying process and how to move forward.

Step 3: Next, the dealer will guide you through their online car buying process to start all of the paperwork ahead of time. Then, you’ll be well on your way to purchasing your car online.

Peace Of Mind

Having peace of mind when buying a car online is very important when you are not able to see it in person before making the purchase. Most dealers will provide a variety of assurances to provide piece of mind. This includes things like a buyback policy or warranty period. Another way to gain piece of mind is to look at the history and condition reports. A vehicle condition report gives insight into the actual working condition of the mechanics of the car. Think of it as a comprehensive inspection from an unbiased third party detailing the defects, repairs, as well as future maintenance recommendations.


If you have a trade-in, you can instantly get an offer for your car and apply the credit of your trade-in to your next car purchase or down payment. You can feel confident about your trade-in offer knowing that it is based on Blue Book® Values.Get a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer.

Trade-in policies vary from dealer to dealer. Be sure to contact the dealer for more details. Here's a bonus, if you trade in your car you may save money on sales tax. Ask the dealer about the state sales rate for more information. All in all, it's definitely worth considering.

Get the Car Delivered

Now that you have purchased the vehicle, you will need it shipped to you. Make sure you understand the cost associated with delivering a vehicle. In some cases, the delivery fee is a flat rate, but more commonly, the delivery fee is a per mile rate. Contact the dealer for further details about car shipping rates. Also, ask for a way to track the vehicle as it is in route to your location. This will help you better estimate when your car will arrive.

Questions about buying a car online? We have answers.

How do I buy a car online?

Choose the car that’s right for you. Then, check to see if it’s available for delivery by looking for the “delivery available” indicator. Contact the dealer to learn more about delivery options and the process of completing the deal. Check out this article for more details.

Is it safe to buy a car online?

Some dealers offer return policies for a peace of mind. Read this article to help understand just how simple buying a car online can be. You can also request a third-party inspection to confirm the condition.

How do I know I will get my car if I buy it online?

You’ll work directly with the dealer. Most dealers even provide a tracking number so that you can monitor delivery of your car. Plus, you’ll get to sign the final paperwork upon delivery.

How do I sign the paperwork if I buy a car online?

Once your car is delivered to you, you’ll have the opportunity to sign the final paperwork.

How do I pay for a car I buy online?

If you don’t have your own financing, the dealer offers financing. You’ll be able to pay the financial institution directly, just as you would if you purchased the car at a dealership.

How do I test drive a car before I buy it online?

Test driving before you buy it is still an option from some dealers. Contact the dealer to learn about their test drive period.

If I buy a car online, can I negotiate the price?

Absolutely, you are in control of buying your car online, therefore, you are in control of the price you want to pay. The dealer is likely open to negotiating the price, just ask.

How do I trade my car if I buy a car online?

When you submit your application to the dealer, you’ll have the option to list your trade-in on the online form. The dealer will factor in your trade-in and help make the trade-in process as smooth as possible. You can also Get a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer and sell to a local dealer.

How can I get the car inspected if I buy it online?

There are third party companies, like AiM or WeGoLook, that offer this type of service. You can also contact a local mechanic shop near the dealership or ask the dealer if the vehicle has a condition report.

Is delivery free if I buy online or is it part of the deal?

Depends on the dealer and distance. Some dealers charge a flat-rate fee, others assess a per mile rate, while others don’t charge an additional fee. Contact the dealer for more details about delivery cost.

How do I finance a car online?

Once you find your new car, you’ll be taken through the process to apply for financing. You’ll receive the monthly payment amount, interest rate, and down payment required (if required at all) online.