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Identify Your Vehicle

Quickly look up your vehicle by license plate or VIN number. Autotrader automatically provides many of the details of your vehicle.

Set Your Price

Price your vehicle based off of current cost estimates with tools provided by Kelley Blue Book.

Show and Tell

Add up to 30 images to showcase your car. We'll help you craft a robust description to inform your shoppers.

Why Sell a Car on Autotrader and

Reach the Largest Audience

Reach millions of active shoppers by listing your ad on Autotrader and You get double the exposure for the price.

Free Vehicle History Report

Build buyers confidence with your vehicle's history. Vehicle history reports typically cost up to $35, but not when you list with us. It's included at no additional cost.

Free Ad Extensions*

Extend your ad every 30 days for free (up to 365 days). Pay once and watch it sell.

Fraud Watch Department

You can count on the Autotrader team to help enhance your protection every step of the way.

Protect Your Information

Secure servers to protect your personal info including name, address or credit card number.

Need to Sell It Fast?

Get cash or a trade-in credit from a participating dealership near you. It's free and there's no purchase required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Car

How long will my ad run?

Purchased ads will run for a minimum of 30 days. At the end of that 30 days, you can extend your ad for FREE for up to 365 days.

How will buyers contact me about my car?

We provide a contact form for every ad. Potential buyers fill out the form, submit it and the information is automatically sent to the email address you specify. You remain anonymous - except for your first name + last initial - until you decide to make contact.

How will Autotrader protect my privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. Your phone number, email address, and any personal contact information that you provide are never visible on your ad. We also secure your personal information using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

How much can I sell my car for?

This might be the #1 question when selling a car. It really depends on whether you want to sell it fast or get the most money for it. We also display the Kelley Blue Book® Private Party Range on all private seller ads to help shoppers better understand vehicle pricing.

How to sell a car in four steps

The best way to sell your car quickly and easily so you’ll get the most cash is to sell it online using Autotrader.

  1. Organize your paperwork, thoroughly clean the vehicle and then determine your car’s value in order to price it accordingly.
  2. Write a detailed description of your car and take many good photos, both inside and outside of the car.
  3. When buyers start contacting you, you’ll need to be prepared to deal with questions about your car and requests for test drives.
  4. Once you have a qualified buyer lined up, come to an agreement on price, finalize the transaction while protecting yourself financially and legally and then transfer the title and ownership. Read more about how to make the best used car online ad.

What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

Regardless if your car is an exotic, an everyday driver or a junker, there are seven documents you’ll need to sell your used car privately:

  • Vehicle History Report
  • Maintenance records
  • Transferrable warranty (if applicable)
  • As-Is documentation
  • Odometer mileage disclosure
  • Vehicle title
  • Bill of Sale

Read more about what paperwork you need to sell your car.

How do I transfer a car title and ownership after selling a car?

First, you’ll need to review the required documentation and process to transfer ownership of a car as outlined by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Second, if you don’t own the car outright and there is still a lien on the car, you’ll need to contact the lienholder (usually a bank) to find out how much you still owe on the car and then find out the steps involved in transferring the title. If you have the title in hand, you can sell the car and transfer the title to the new owner. You can sell a car without a title you just need to contact your state’s DMV and get a replacement title prior to selling the vehicle. Lastly, make sure the payment for the car has been secured and then sign over the title and other documentation to complete the sale. Read more about how to transfer a car’s title and ownership after selling a car.

What are the most common scams you may encounter when selling your car yourself?

These are the most common scams fraudsters may try to use:

  • Fake, forged or counterfeit cashier’s check, certified check, money order or wire
  • Offers to pay by personal check
  • Offering to buy the car sight-unseen
  • The fake shipping scam: A potential buyer who insist on shipping a seller’s car internationally or across the country
  • Distant buyers either overseas or on a “business trip”
  • Offers to pay “asap” via Pay Pal, gift card, Cash.Me, Venmo or other online payment service
  • Overpayment scam, which may sometimes include a third-party website or entity
  • Payment plan

Read more about how to protect yourself from scams and frauds when selling a car.

What is the best way to create a compelling ad to sell your car?

To sell your car in the fastest way and to get paid the most money, you’ll want to make sure you write the best possible online ad using the following key points:

  • Explain why you are selling the car
  • Define the forms of payment you are willing to accept
  • Disclose what vehicle paperwork or maintenance records you have
  • Disclose any issues which need to be fixed
  • List the car’s key and unique features
  • Mention any added or custom modifications
  • Take lots of clear high-quality photos, both close and wide shots
  • Use proper punctuation and grammar
  • Price your vehicle accurately using Autotrader’s car values tool.

Read more about how to make the best used car ad.

Where can I sell my car?

When it comes to selling your car, you've got a lot of options - some old, some new. You could place an ad on CraigsList or Facebook Marketplace, or you can get an online offer for it from merchants like, CarGurus, CarMax and Carvana. But with Autotrader, your ad gets in front of the largest audience of in-market car shoppers ready to buy your car. And only Autotrader includes the expert price guidance of Kelley Blue Book, so you know how much you should ask for your car to sell it fast or sell it for the most money.

Can I sell my car without a title?

Probably not. There are very few cases where you can sell a car without a title and most states legally require a title in order for the vehicle to transfer ownership. In the end, you will need to contact your state's DMV department and apply for a replacement or duplicate vehicle title before selling the vehicle.

Do I pay taxes when I sell my car?

Assuming you are selling your personal vehicle for less than what you purchased it for, no you will not pay any taxes. The buyer will pay any state or vehicle taxes levied directly to their county or state DMV. The seller does not collect or charge tax in addition to the price of the vehicle. If you are selling a car for more than the current Kelley Blue Book value, you will have to pay capital gains taxes when you file your tax return.

Resources To Help You Sell Your Car Privately

Prepare to Sell

Ready to sell your car? From setting the best price to finalizing the transaction, we'll provide guidance on how to sell your vehicle quickly and easily on Autotrader and

Advertise Your Car

Create an eye-catching ad to drive millions of potential buyers towards purchasing your vehicle on Autotrader and Our Fraud Watch department can help keep you protected from spammers.

Find a Buyer

Connect with potential buyers privately through our secure contact forms to set up test drives and inspections before finalizing the sale of your car.

Close the Deal

Before your car drives off into the sunset with the new owner, we'll help bring peace of mind with prepping paperwork, pricing fairly, and protecting yourself from fraud.

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