1995 Infiniti Q45 Sedan

4dr Sedan Luxury Performance

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1995 Infiniti Q45 Sedan

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1995 Infiniti Q45 Sedan


1995 Infiniti Q45

Source: New Car Test Drive


Five years after its debut, the Infiniti Q45 luxury sedan is still a relatively rare sight on most North American roads. Although this is an excellent car in almost every way, The Q45's slow market acceptance has to do with decisions made during the marketing launch.

Following the success of Honda's Acura experiment, the luxury-car divisions of Toyota and Nissan made their debuts close on one anther's heels in mid-1989. Toyota's Lexus LS 400 sedan was an immediate hit; the Infiniti Q45 built sales momentum slowly, thanks largely to an ad campaign that showed pictures of rocks and tranquil ponds rather than the car.

Another factor was - and still is - price. On opening day, the Q45 carried a $38,000 sticker. Increases have pushed the tab well beyond the $50,000 mark, putting the car head to head with some strong European competition, as well as its arch rival from Lexus.

Still another cause of the Q45's sluggish start in the luxury-sedan sales race can be attributed to those responsible for its concept and design. Although the design team deserves credit for attempting to do something original, in contrast to the Mercedes-derivative approach taken by Lexus, the result verged on anonymity. As it first appeared, the Q45 was plain, almost austere, inside and out. No frills, no grille, no distinctive styling touches - not much there to attract the attention of passersby. Or the attention of potential buyers.

Even so, those who did buy it, and the critics who tested it, loved the original Q45 for its performance, agility and painstaking quality. And even more people from both camps love the current version, which has been touched up in highly visible ways. The new, warmer and more inviting Q45 was a 1994 arrival carried over virtually unchanged for 1995.

Even if your initial take on the Q45 is that it remains too restrained and does not adequately advertise its owner's investment to the outside world, we advise you to take a second look and a test drive. The Q45 is one classy automobile.

The model we tested, a Q45t with Touring Package, was equipped with a 10-disc CD changer, heated seats and performance alloy wheels, which put the price at $56,250.


Your first glance at the Q45 may provoke a "seen it before" reaction. The big 4-door sedan does indeed have a design inspiration, one that appears to come largely from the folks who penned the lovely Jaguar XJ Series sedans. The proportions of hood, greenhouse and rear deck are the first tip-off, followed by the pronounced "shoulder" between the rearmost roof pillar and the rear fender. The grille, added in the 1994 redo, looks as if it was drawn in England, not Japan.

That said, it must be emphasized that the Q45 has an overall look of its own. Inspiration is not plagiarism, and no one will mistake an Infiniti for a Jaguar.

And the Q45 is a wonderfully attractive car. Some may find the grille less appealing than the plain front panel of 1990-93, but that's a matter of individual preference, and few will have any but kind words for the balance and masterful detailing of the body shape.

Interior Features

It's amazing what a little wood and soft leather will do for the appearance of a car. The Q45's major interior components all are carried over from the original version, but the addition of some subdued wood accents and plusher looking leather seats have made a considerable difference in the cabin's appearance.

Otherwise, everything is near-perfect. The instruments and controls are logically placed, handsome and easy to use, the seats are among the most comfortable and supportive in the automotive world, and sound and climate-control systems perform to the level you'd very reasonably expect in a car that costs more than 50 grand.

There's nothing especially unusual about the Q45's interior. No special fitments, no heads-up displays or built-in blenders to mix drinks with while underway - just the expected array of power assists and comfort and convenience features. What sets this inside space apart from others is the way all the systems look and feel. That's something better explained by a test drive than with words.

It's quiet inside the Q45, too, but the same can be said for the cabins of many other luxury sedans. Some, to be honest, are quieter; every Q45 we've sampled has suffered more from wind noise than do most rivals.

That one quibble aside, the Q45 cossets its occupants in fine style. The engine is only a muted hum at speed, tire noise is well-suppressed and the suspension takes care of irregularities in the pavement before they intrude.

Driving Impressions

The Q45 driving experience is strongly affected by the model being driven. There are three: base Q45, the Q45t that we drove, and the Q45a, which is endowed with the industry's only active suspension system (called Full-Active Suspension) on a production car. Each of these versions responds to its driver in a different way.

All three share a superb 278-hp V8 engine and electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission. Anyone who appreciates potent 8-cylinder powerplants will love this one; it has more than enough power to push the 2-ton Q45 down the road, accelerates with authority either from a full stop or in passing situations, and makes a healthy sound that is music to an enthusiast's ears. It is thirsty, however, using up premium fuel on the highway at an average rate close to what is stated as the EPA city mileage.

The base Q45s have suspension settings biased toward comfort, delivering a smooth ride regardless of road conditions. As a consequence, cornering provokes some body roll. That's the only penalty of having soft springs. Whether accelerating, steering or stopping, the standard Q45 is never less than pleasant to drive.

The Touring Package adds rear-wheel steering, stiffer springs and a rear anti-roll bar. These produce the expected result: a more driver-oriented compromise between ride and handling. Although it was firmer, with quicker responses, our Q45t was a long way from harsh.

We could have, however, done without the Q45t's 4-wheel steering. This feature may be beneficial in some rare in-stances, but the most noticeable effect we found was a slight decrease in steering response.

We suggest you opt for the Q45a. Its Full-Active Suspension system (computer-controlled hydraulic pumps at each wheel) eliminates nosedive during braking and body roll, and it smooths out road surface irregularities. Electronic traction control and a faster-ratio steering rack also are included in the package. In concert, they give the Q45a the best all-around ride and handling.

It's only fair to note that this system adds an extra toll - about $7000 - to the bottom line. But so equipped, the Q45a is a genuine sport sedan, yet still as comfortable as any big cruiser you care to name.


By any measure, the Infiniti Q45 is impressive. Rock solid, crafted to the highest standards and capable of being as relaxed or responsive as its driver wishes, the big Q45 is a lot of car.

Yes, it does cost a pretty penny. There are several seductive choices for the buyer with $50,000 or so to spend - the Lexus LS 400, Cadillac Seville, Oldsmobile Aurora, BMW 750iL and the new Lincoln Continental, to name just a few - and each is worth careful consideration.

Among them, the Q45 is the least obtrusive and takes the longest time to appreciate. Perhaps the best thing that can be said about it is that the owner will find the Infiniti flagship appealing and fresh long after the purchase contract has run out.

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1995 Infiniti Q45 Sedan

Safety Features & Equipment

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1995 Infiniti Q45 Sedan

Infiniti Certified Pre-Owned Warranty  help
Certified Pre-Owned Warranty
To be eligible for Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) status, vehicles generally must be recent models with relatively low mileage. CPO vehicles must also pass a detailed inspection, outlined by the manufacturer, which is measured by the number of inspected points.
Warranty coverage can vary from one manufacturer to the next. While most certified pre-owned programs transfer and extend the existing new car warranty terms, others offer a warranty that simply represents an additional year and mileage value. Always check with the manufacturer for the specific warranties they offer.
Common features and benefits of Certified Pre-Owned warranties include:
Age/Mileage Eligibility
To even be considered for certification, a car must be a recent model year and have limited mileage. The exact requirements are established by individual manufacturers.
Lease Term Certified
Some manufacturers offer certified pre-owned cars for lease. The length of the lease is often shorter than a new car lease, but it will cost you less.
Point Inspection
These inspections entail a comprehensive vehicle test to ensure that all parts are in excellent working order. The point inspection list is simply a numbered list of exactly what parts of the car are examined. While many inspections range from a 70- to 150-point checklist, most are very similar and are performed using strict guidelines. Ask your local dealer about specific details.
Return/Exchange Program
Some manufacturers offer a very limited return or exchange period. Find out if you will get the sales tax and licensing/registration fees back should you return or exchange the car.
Roadside Assistance
Most certified pre-owned programs offer free roadside service in case your car breaks down while still under warranty.
Special Financing
Reduced-rate loans are available through many certified pre-owned programs. Manufacturer-backed inspections and warranties help eliminate the risks involved with buying pre-owned, so buyers who qualify can take advantage of the great offers.
Transferable Warranty
When a new car warranty transfers with the certification of the car and remains eligible for the next owner, it is known as a transferable warranty. Once the original transferable warranty expires, an extended warranty takes effect.
Warranty Deductible
This is the amount for which you are responsible when repair work is performed under the warranty. Some manufacturers require a deductible while others don't, so always ask.

Vehicles within new vehicle warranty period and with less than 15,000 miles: 6 Year/75000 mile limited warranty form vehicles original new vehicle in-service date

Vehicles within new vehicle warranty period with more than 15,000 miles: 6 years/Unlimited mileage limited warranty from vehicles original new vehicle in-service date

Vehicles outside new vehicle warranty period: 2 year/Unlimited Mileage Limited Warranty from CPO purchase date

Complimentary First Year Basic Maintenance
Age/Mileage Eligibility 6 Years or 70k miles from original In-Service Date
Lease Term Certified No
Point Inspection 167-Point Vehicle Inspection & Reconditioning
IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION: Before a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is listed or sold, Infiniti requires dealers to complete all safety recalls. However, because even the best processes can break down, we encourage you to check the recall status of any vehicle at http://www.infinitiusa.com/recalls-vin#/
Return/Exchange Program No
Roadside Assistance Yes<br>24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance<br>Battery boost<br>Flat tire change with your good spare<br>Lockout assistance<br>Fuel delivery<br>Towing Assistance<br>Trip Interruption Benefits
Special Financing See Dealer for Details
Transferrable Warranty Yes; Fee varies by state.
Warranty Deductible $0

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1995 Infiniti Q45 Sedan

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