2011 Porsche Cars

2011 Porsche Cars
Porsche is the lean, mean, German performance-car-maker. It's for people who take driving seriously and want a real sports car. It was founded in 1931 by the same man who designed the first Volkswagen Beetle. The two German companies have had various ties over the years, and Porsche is now part of the Volkswagen Group of companies. Where VWs are mostly practical, Porsches are focused on performance with a little luxury. The classic 911, which comes in coupe, convertible, all-wheel-drive and turbocharged varieties, might be the first car you think of and the most representative of the brand. The automaker also offers the Boxster roadster and the 4-door Panamera sport sedan. There's even a luxury SUV, the Cayenne. People shopping for a Porsche sports car might also look at the Nissan GT-R, the BMW 6 Series, the Jaguar F-TYPE or even the Chevrolet Corvette.
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