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2017 Kia Sorento: Scheduled Service

There was a little bit of a bummer with our 2017 Kia Sorento. The "Service Soon" light has been coming on for about two weeks now, so I knew I’d be the one to take it in. That’s not the bummer — the service interval was set by me, since the Sorento allows you to pick your own reminder interval. The bummer is that my local Kia dealer seems to have vanished.

There was dealership VERY close to my house (about 3 miles), and I really enjoyed going. As I explored Google Maps, I found two other Kia dealers nearby — one was about 20 miles away, the other 12 miles. I looked up the closer store, found their website, scheduled a service appointment (no long forms or questionnaires) and then showed up at the appointed time.

It’s not as close, but it’s a nicer dealership. Carriage Kia in Woodstock, Georgia has to be the template for how Kia corporate wants their stores to look from now on. This is the cleanest, most modern, inviting dealership I’ve ever been to. Huge, towering windows line the showroom and the waiting area has tables, hard chairs, sofas, a barstool-height work area and hookups for your phone or computer. Wi-Fi is free, but that’s kind of a given these days.

The service advisor said they were really busy, and it might take a little longer than usual. When I made a face, he offered to get me lunch. Now that’s service. I was all set to enjoy Panda Express when the guy came back and said: "It’s done, you just have to pay and you’re on your way."

Unknown to me, there were two open service issues — kind of like a light version of a recall. Neither was a safety issue. One was related to the accuracy of the dual-zone climate control; the other was an engine management issue. Either way, things I never noticed and they addressed quickly.

The total cost was $59. I guess that seems a little steep for an oil change and tire rotation, but I was thinking it would be $50 at least.

Overall, it was an excellent experience. If this is how Kia is going to treat customers in the future, I expect they will have a lot more of those customers in the years to come. Find a 2017 Kia Sorento for sale

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