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CPO 2017 Infiniti Q50: Long-Term Wrap-Up

The sport sedan market is a very competitive one. When you think of a sport sedan, your mind might go straight to the heavy-hitters from the German luxury brands. One that doesn’t get much spotlight, but might deserve a little more is our 2017 CPO Infiniti Q50. Now that we’ve spent some time with this sporty luxury sedan, here are some of our thoughts.

Our Car

Our CPO 2017 Infiniti Q50 is an example of Infiniti’s excellent certified pre-owned program. Every CPO Infiniti goes through a 167-point inspection and gives you new-car peace of mind with a manufacturer warranty without the new-car sticker price. When this car was purchased new, it had an MSRP of $55,520, but getting a CPO deal can save you thousands of dollars. We made one trip to the dealer for complimentary routine 10,000-mile service, and the visit was quick and painless.

Fun to Drive

The 3.0t Sport trim on our car gave it upgrades, including a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine good for 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. Ours was also equipped with optional all-wheel drive, giving the car a miles-per-gallon rating of 19 mpg city/27 mpg highway (premium fuel required). In our real-world experience, sometimes the combined mpg was as low as 18.5. Other upgrades include dynamic digital suspension, sport brakes, sport leather seats, aluminum-accented pedals, paddle shifters and a few other nice touches hinting at the sedan’s sporty performance.

Fun to Look At

A lot of cars in this class pride themselves on an aesthetic that’s subtle, quiet and dignified. This Infiniti takes a completely different approach. Infiniti took some risks in designing this Q50, and we think the risks paid off. It’s a great-looking car, especially in this Iridium Blue paint job and 19-inch triple 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels. The Q50 has a look that’s bold but not outrageous, and it does a good job standing out aesthetically in its segment.

The interior is handsome and well-put-together, but not as much of a stunner as the exterior. We liked the sport leather seats with adjustable bolsters, but we didn’t like the inconveniently placed controls on the side of the seat. Once your seat is positioned just right, enjoy the Q50’s smooth, quiet ride and engaging performance.

Safety First

The Infiniti Q50 not only has excellent crash test ratings, but the car we drove was generously equipped with modern safety tech to make it even safer. Our Technology package and Driver Assistance package added intelligent cruise control, lane-departure warning, blind spot monitoring, a 360-degree camera, forward-emergency braking and much more. These are normally pretty expensive options, but become much more affordable on the CPO market, bringing advanced safety tech to a more palatable price point.

A Few Drawbacks

The learning curve on the infotainment system was a little steeper than we would have liked. Like with any car, the controls get easier to use the longer you live with it, but tasks that should have been simple, like adjusting the volume of the navigation, were hard to find.

Another let-down of this sport sedan was the Sport and Sport+ driving modes. Sometimes, Sport mode can completely change the character of a car with changes like a noticeably more responsive throttle and a more aggressive exhaust note, but the changes we wanted to see, hear and feel just weren’t there with our Q50. The car is fun to drive in any mode, but the Sport modes left a bit to be desired.

The trunk and back seats of the Q50 are a little tight, which is normal for this segment, but the trunk is actually bigger than some of its competitors.

For an affordable sedan that competently combines sport and luxury in an attractive package, a CPO 2017 Infiniti Q50 should be on your shopping list. The Sport trim and 3.0t V6 engine are easy recommendations along with all-wheel drive, especially if you live in a snowy climate. The drawbacks are worth considering, but to us, none of them are big enough to be a deal-breaker on this slick sport sedan. Find an Infiniti Q50 for sale

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