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Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Program


The Lexus certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty offers limited bumper-to-bumper coverage for 6 years and an unlimited mileage period starting from the vehicle’s original purchase date. Roadside assistance, 2-years or 20,000 free scheduled maintenance and a complimentary loaner car are also included.

What We Like

Unlimited mileage before the six-year warranty expires, free factory-recommended maintenance for 2-years or 20,000 miles, no deductible; generous complimentary service programs

What We Don’t

Not transferable, warranty begins from the time the car first entered service, not the time you purchase or lease

Program Specifics

The L/Certified program is often considered one of the best in the business due to its long coverage term. As with other CPO plans, the Lexus warranty begins from the date the car entered service. The plan covers the car for two additional years past its original 4-year warranty with no deductible for repairs that fall within the warranty’s coverage. However, unlike most other plans, Lexus’ CPO offers unlimited mileage during that 6-year time frame, a definite bonus for those who pile on the miles.

An L/Certified car can be no older than 6 years and must have less than 70,000 miles. Each car must also go through a rigorous 161-point inspection before it can enter the program.

Other benefits of the Lexus warranty include roadside assistance, a complimentary loaner car when you’re in for service and Trip Interruption service, which provides reimbursement for meals, a rental car and lodging for a maximum of three nights (up to $200 a night) if you find yourself stranded more than 100 miles from home. Lexus also provides rental car reimbursement for up to five days at $50 a day.

The only drawback? Unlike other CPO warranties, the Lexus’s certified pre-owned warranty can’t be transferred to a new owner, which limits your car’s appeal if you sell it before the warranty expires.

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  1. I usually by new, but I ‘trusted’ in the L-Certified program and bought a low mileage (less than 13K) two-year-old GS-350. The delivery was delayed because the right front tire was not original. That made me a bit suspicious, so I told the dealer (Lexus of Thousand Oaks) to carefully inspect the car for signs of front-end damage or repair. I was told it was fine.
    A week or so after purchase the right front headlight ‘fogged’ up. I took it to the local (South County) Lexus dealer for repair under the L-Certified program and was told it wasn’t covered due to signs of front-end collision damage. They told me to contact the original dealer. I contacted Lexus of Thousand Oaks and after a few calls they agreed to replace the fixture. I again asked them to check the car carefully for any other sings of collision damage. Again, they said the car was OK.
    After a couple more months we noticed chips in the paint appearing in odd places on the driver side front fender. The car is not driven much (< 500 miles/ mo.) and garaged nightly. The chips continued to increase in number. They got so bad that a couple months ago I took it to South County Lexus and asked what they thought was the origin of the chips. They carefully inspected the vehicle and informed me that the entire front-end body parts had been removed, replaced and repainted. They even showed me where previous chips exist on the driver door that just were painted over with a very thin coat of paint. I immediately contacted l-Certified and was told it was a dealer issue. Lexus of Thousand Oaks refused to do anything.
    On at least two occasions I asked Lexus of Thousand Oaks to check for signs of collision damage and repair and was told there was none, then after another Lexus dealer shows me signs of fender and repaint repair on the entire front end of the car, Lexus of thousand Oaks refuses to correct the problem, claiming length of time. L/Certified won’t help either. 🙁
  2. Some of this info is wrong. L Certified Lexus Vehicles come with a 2 Year- Unlimited miles. This coverage back dates to the date of first use for a max of 6 years.

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