Buying Certified Pre-owned Cars (CPO)

We can help you find the best certified car or CPO program for you. Check out our reviews, compare models and find cars for sale.

Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Program

We're taking a closer look at Lexus's certified pre-owned program to help you understand its benefits and drawbacks.

Audi Certified Pre-Owned Program

Thinking about buying a used Audi? We've gathered up everything you need to know about the brand's certified pre-owned program.

What is the Acura Precision Used Vehicle Program?

Acura Precision Used program covers Acura products up to 10 years old, and has no cap on mileage.

What is the Acura Precision Certified Vehicle Program?

This certified pre-owned (CPO) program can be a smart first step into luxury car driving.

Buying a Certified Volvo XC60: 2018, 2019, or 2020?

Here we look at the similarities and differences among 2018, 2019, and 2020 Volvo XC60 certified pre-owned options you'll find near you.

Hyundai Certified Used Car Program

Looking for a used Hyundai? Check out our review of Hyundai's certified pre-owned program before you buy.

Volvo Certified Pre-Owned Program

Interested in buying a Volvo with a certified pre-owned warranty? Here's everything you need to know about Volvo's CPO program.

Certified Pre-Owned BMW Buying Guide

Here's a look at the best-selling BMW models available under the company's Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program.

Buying a Car: How Do You Know a Car’s In-Service Date?

A car's in-service date gets used to calculate warranties and other perks -- but how do you figure it out? We have the answer.

Kia Certified Pre-Owned Program

We've rounded up all the pertinent information you'll need to know about Kia's certified pre-owned warranty program.

Powertrain Warranty vs. Bumper to Bumper: What is the Difference?

Confused about warranties? We're checking out all the key differences between a powertrain and a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Car Specs Guide: Everything You Need to Know

We've defined many common car specs for shoppers who are unclear about dimensions and other important terms.

Should You Sell Your Car Yourself or Accept Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer?

Deciding how to sell your car means weighing how much effort you're willing to put in versus how much money you want to make.

What Kind of Gas Does My Car Take?

Regular, premium or midgrade? Our guide will help you decide what kind of fuel to put in your car.

Buying a Car: Who is Responsible for a Defect You Find After You Buy?

What happens if you find an obvious defect after you've already paid for a car and taken it home? We have the answer.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Many people can't afford a new car, but buying a used one can be a risky prospect. Do certified cars hold the answer?

When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

There are plenty of ways to shop smartly throughout the year.

10 Great CPO Midsize SUVs Under $25,000 for 2021

Here are the 10 best CPO midsize SUVs you can find on Autotrader for under $25,000.

What’s the Catch With Zero Percent Financing Car Loans?

Zero percent loan offers seem too good to be true, so is there a catch? We have the answer.

Buying a New Car: Tips for Negotiating a Good Price

We're providing some tips to help you negotiate the price of your next new or used car.

Extended Car Warranty: Do You Really Need One?

What a consumer should consider before buying an extended warranty.

10 Hottest Cars of Summer 2021

Autotrader brings you the hottest cars for Summer 2021.

Buying a Car: Should I Avoid the First Model Year?

Is it really true that buying a new car in its first model year is a bad idea? We examine this claim to find out.

Certified Pre-Owned Deal: Kia Soul

The 2018 Kia Soul is a great candidate for those shopping for a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Certified Pre-Owned Deals: Kia Sorento and Sportage

The Kia Sorento and Sportage SUVs are smart CPO buys. Here are the versions we recommend.
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