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Get the most for your car trade-in with valuable information from Autotrader

Thinking of trading in your car for a new one? Autotrader provides advice on car values and tips, so you can get the most for your car trade-in and make the trading process easier. You can also get a Kelley Blue Book (SM) Instant Cash Offer and use it toward the purchase of another vehicle, or walk away with cash today.

Definitions: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Shopping for cars and wondering what "CVT" means? Get the facts on continously variable transmissions (CVTs) in's Definition.

Definitions: Automated Manual Transmission

Shopping for a car and wondering what "automated manual transmission" (AMT) means? Get the facts on both single- and dual-clutch AMTs here.

Buying a New Car: When’s the Best Time?

In order to get the best-possible price on your next car, you'll want to buy it at the right time.

Buying a Car: Can Dealerships Trade Cars?

Can one dealership trade cars with another to find you the exact model that you want? We have the answer.

Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller: Better Price

There are pros and cons to buying a car from a person versus a dealership.

Pros and Cons of Air Suspension

We've provided a few tips on the benefits and drawbacks of air suspension, an increasingly popular option on cars and SUVs.

How to Sell a Car if the Bank Has the Title

So you want to sell your car, but the bank holds the title. Can you sell it before you pay it off?

Should Your Next Pickup Truck Have a V6 or a V8?

We examine the pros and cons of V6 power versus V8 power when it comes to pickup trucks.

Can You Sell Your Used Car to a Dealership?

If you don't want to sell your used car privately, will a dealership buy it? We have the answer.

Why Doesn’t Rear-Wheel Drive Work in the Snow?

Curious about why your rear-wheel-drive car isn't a good choice for snowy weather? We have an explanation.

Buying a Car: Can You Change Your Mind?

Feeling buyer's remorse over a new car purchase? We took a look at what happens if you want to change your mind.

Buying a Truck: Crew Cab, Extended Cab or Regular Cab?

Which pickup body style is best for you? We provide a few helpful suggestions on choosing your next truck.

What’s More Important When Buying a Car: Miles or Age?

Looking for a used car? If you've wondered whether you should pay more attention to miles or age, you've come to the right place.

Buying a Car: What’s a Dual-Clutch Transmission?

When buying a car, you may notice many cars offering a dual-clutch transmission, but what is it? We have the answer.

Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller: Legalities

There are pros and cons to buying a car from a private seller.

Car Specs: Why They’re Important

We've defined many common car specs for shoppers who are unclear about dimensions and other important terms.

Who Has the Best Interest Rates: The Dealer or the Bank?

Where can you go to get the best interest rate on your next car: a dealership or a bank?

2WD, 4WD or AWD: Which Is Best for You?

Which drivetrain is best for you: 4-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive?

Buying a Truck: What’s the Difference Between Crew Cab, Quad Cab, King Cab and Others?

Wondering about the differences between all the cabs of the truck world? We have the answer.

Buying a Used Car: What’s a Rebuilt Title?

Ever wonder what the phrase "rebuilt title" means in a used-car listing? We explain exactly what to expect when you see those words.

Buying a Car: Who Is Responsible for a Defect You Find After You Buy?

What happens if you find an obvious defect after you've already paid for a car and taken it home? We have the answer.

What’s the Difference Between Xenon and LED Headlights?

Ever wondered what the difference is between Xenon headlights and LEDs? Our latest article shines some light on the answer.

Buying a Car: When Should You Buy GAP Insurance?

You've probably heard about GAP insurance -- but what is it? And when should you buy it? We have the answer.

Buying a Used Car: Should You Walk Away from an Extended Warranty?

We explain when it's best to choose an extended warranty and when you should just walk away.

Leasing a Car: What Fees Do You Pay at the Start of a Lease?

We're rounding up all the costs you should expect to pay when you're leasing a new car.
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