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Infiniti CPO Program: Video Overview

If you’re looking for a used car but are concerned about maintenance and repair costs, you might want to consider a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. Certified pre-owned cars are recent used models that offer full manufacturer-backed warranties along with a big discount from the original price. But not all certified pre-owned warranties are identical — so we’re taking a look at Infiniti’s program to examine the ins and outs.

In order to qualify for Infiniti’s certified pre-owned program, vehicles must meet several requirements. First, there’s a thorough check of the vehicle’s title and accident history to make sure there’s no unseen damage. Additionally, Infiniti requires that a car be within 6 years of its original in-service date and have fewer than 70,000 miles on the odometer before it can be certified. Finally, Infiniti technicians perform a thorough inspection inside and out to make sure the car doesn’t have any issues.

As for warranty coverage, CPO Infiniti models are offered with one of three different comprehensive limited warranties, depending on the age and milage of the car. If you buy a certified pre-owned Infiniti with less than 15,000 miles on the odometer, you’ll get a bumper-to-bumper limited warranty that lasts for 6 years or 75,000 miles from the original sale date. Choose one with over 15,000 miles, and the coverage expands to 6 years or unlimited miles from the original sale date. Finally, if the original factory warranty has already expired on the certified pre-owned Infiniti you buy, you’ll be covered for 2 years and unlimited miles from the date you buy it, regardless of the original sale date.

Infiniti’s certified pre-owned program also offers a few additional perks such as 24-hour roadside assistance, a 3-month trial subscription to SiriusXM radio and complimentary first year basic maintenance, which includes oil changes and tire rotations. You’ll also get a loaner car when you’re in for service, along with trip-interruption coverage if your certified pre-owned Infiniti breaks down while you’re on vacation away from your home. And should you decide to sell your car during the certified pre-owned period, the warranty is fully transferable. Find a CPO Infiniti for sale



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