1995 Geo Cars and SUVs

In the late 1980s, General Motors decided to get serious about competing with small, affordable imports by introducing a new budget brand. Technically a subbrand of Chevrolet, Geo was a new brand that was made up of badge-engineered versions of cars built by Japanese manufacturers like the ones GM was trying to compete with. The brand only had a few models over the course of its run of about a decade before being absorbed into the Chevy brand. These models included the subcompact Metro which was based on the Suzuki Swift, the compact Prizm which was based on the Toyota Corolla, and the Tracker, a small SUV based on the Suzuki Sidekick (this was later renamed Chevrolet Tracker). There was even a sports car called the Storm based on the Isuzu Impulse. All of these cars represented something different from GM in the realm of affordable, efficient, reliable transportation.

1995 Geo Cars

Used Geo Cars