The Kelley Blue Book (KBB) Advantage on Autotrader

Autotrader and KBB: Two Partners, One Goal

When one of the Internet’s leading marketplaces for vehicle listings joins forces with the #1 most trusted third-party automotive brand good things are bound to happen for vehicle shoppers. Most people dream about cars, love to drive cars, even look forward to shopping for cars and picking out the right one. But when it comes to actually buying a car…well, it ranks up there with going to the dentist or getting audited. The experience at the dealership is a lot better for consumers than it used to be for car buyers, but most people go in without they confidence that they’ll be able to get a fair deal. Many websites will give you any information about a car you’d ever want to know. A lot of sources will set the value for your current car and show you what they think you should expect to get for it if you trade it in at a dealership or sell it for cash. Those sites use names like “Car Appraisal Tool” or “True Market Value” or “Instant Market Value” or “History-Based Value” But no one has more experience in used car values and new car pricing than Kelley Blue Book (sometimes called “KBB”).  And no other site but Autotrader has the full range of KBB Values and services. By including so much Kelley Blue Book content and information on Autotrader, we’re poised to be your one-stop shop for everything you need when shopping for, buying and owning a car.

The Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer – A Fair Offer to Buy Your Car

Not surprisingly, the trade in is the most nerve-wracking part of the car buying process for many shoppers. Maybe you’ve already got your eye on your next car, truck or SUV and all that stands between you and your new ride is the “old Nellie” you’re getting rid of. The quickest and easiest way to trade in or sell your car is to go to the dealership, but how can you know if the amount the dealer is offering is fair? Fear not. That’s exactly why the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer was created. It’s a real offer to buy or trade in your car, redeemable within 7 days, at a network of over 3500 local dealers (as of August 2020). Sometimes mislabeled as “the KBB Instant Cash Offer”, this process asks you specific questions about your exact vehicle in order to give you an accurate offer. Unlike the Blue Book Trade-In Value, which is generally a range and could apply to 100s of cars similar to yours, the Instant Cash Offer is good for your car alone. Simply answer questions about your car’s equipment, condition and any damage or issues it has. The dealer you choose will use the same questions to verify your offer and confirm accuracy. And that’s it: you get cash or trade-in credit toward your next car and It’s available directly on Autotrader.

Blue Book® Values – A Trusted Standard since 1926

Kelley Blue Book got its start in 1926 when Les Kelley started publishing a list of the used cars he wanted to buy and how much he was willing to pay for them. Kelley Blue Book has had a continuous legacy of providing used car values for over 90 years. Often imitated by competitors, only Kelley Blue Book offers Blue Book® Values. To establish a wide range of values, Kelley Blue Book employs a team of data scientists and valuation experts with 250+ data sources and 3 trillion data points at their disposal. The team then adjusts the Blue Book Values to account for geographic differences, buying trends, seasonal trends and economic factors like supply and demand. Blue Book Values are available when buying a new or used car or when you’re the owner of the car and want to know what it’s worth. This include the trade in value at a dealership and private party values for transactions that occur one-on-one with individuals outside a dealership. In most cases – and in order to create better transparency in discussions between buyers and sellers – you’ll often see a “Fair Market Range” in lieu of an individual Blue Book Value. The Fair Market Range reflects the range of prices and values that would be fair to both parties.  

Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor – Bringing Blue Book Values to Life

  If you’ve shopped for a car lately on Autotrader or on or checked the value of your current car, you’ve probably seen the Price Advisor. With its recognizable, white, green and red zones, the Price Advisor has proven to be an invaluable tool, bringing clarity and open communicate to buying and selling a car. If you see the price in the Green Zone of the Price Advisor, you know that it’s fair for both buyer and seller alike. To help vehicle shoppers get the most information possible, you’ll see the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor on most vehicle listings on Autotrader. And to make things ever easier, the listings will also call out whether the asking price is a “Great Price” or “Good Price” based on where it falls within the Fair Market Range.