1996 Isuzu Trucks and SUVs

Isuzu was a Japanese brand that was ushered into the U.S. market by General Motors, which owned a significant stake in the manufacturer. Isuzu started out in the U.S. with co-branded vehicles like the Chevrolet LUV truck and eventually had its own branded vehicles in the States. Isuzu might be best known in the U.S. for its SUVs with respectable off-road performance and on-road practicality like the Rodeo, the Trooper, the compact Amigo, and the downright weird VehiCross. Isuzu also has some good family vehicles in its history like the Oasis minivan (itself a rebadged Honda Odyssey) and the Axiom family SUV. Towards the end of the brand’s life in the States, it exclusively sold rebadged versions of Chevy trucks and SUVs before finally exiting the U.S. market in 2008. Look for an Isuzu i280 or i350 if you want a good used truck for a low price.

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