New Maserati Cars

New Maserati Cars
The name Maserati means luxury, performance and glamour. For more than half a century, this Italian company has been making cars for wealthy drivers who love the finer things in life. Today's Maserati cars are understated, not flashy, but their power and exclusivity are still obvious. A romance with these cars can start with the GT convertible -- or the GranTurismo coupe -- that looks as thrilling when parked as it feels on a winding road, or it can start a little more practically with the Quattroporte (Italian for "four doors"). There's a second 4-door sedan, the Ghibli, which starts under $70,000. If you're looking at an upper-level Audi or Mercedes-Benz but want something a bit more exotic, a Maserati could fill the bill. Or if what you really want is an Italian car, but you're not quite in Ferrari territory -- whether that's because of money, or because you don't want to feel like you're showing off -- this is a fine brand to consider.
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