2003 Saturn Cars and SUVs

Saturn was a brand that General Motors started with the intention of being a new kind of car company. It was positioned to compete with imported economy cars and had a unique dealer model with no-haggle pricing. Saturn started out as mostly an economy car brand with sedans and some sporty coupes in the mix and by the end of its run, it was actually a full line with more variety than you might think. There was the Aura sedan, the Astra compact hatchback, the Relay minivan, the Outlook and Vue SUVs, and even the Sky roadster making Saturn much more than just a brand of a few affordable economy cars. Saturn was one of the many brands that did not survive the GM reorganization of the late 2000s with production ending in 2009.

2003 Saturn Cars
2003 ION
24 - 26 MPG City / 32 - 33 MPG Hwy
$11,430 - $16,430
2003 L-Series
21 - 24 MPG City / 29 - 32 MPG Hwy
$17,735 - $22,685
2003 Vue
19 - 23 MPG City / 25 - 28 MPG Hwy
$16,325 - $22,910

Used Saturn Cars