2011 Suzuki Cars and Trucks

You may think of Suzuki as primarily a motorcycle or ATV brand, but Suzuki also sold cars in the United States for decades. General Motors owned a stake in Suzuki for a long time and there was a little bit of platform sharing between the two like with the Geo brand and the Chevy replacements for the Metro and the Tracker, both of which were Suzuki-based. Suzuki’s lineup in its later years before exiting the U.S. market in the early 2010s included the Grand Vitara SUV, the Kizashi which was actually quite the competent midsize sedan, the SX4 compact, and even a midsize pickup truck called the Equator which was based on the Nissan Frontier. Suzuki automobiles struggled to ever really stand out in the U.S., but it had an array of SUVs and economy cars more diverse and more attractive than you might think.

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2011 Suzuki Cars
2011 Equator
15 - 19 MPG City / 19 - 23 MPG Hwy
$17,595 - $28,950
2011 Grand Vitara
19 MPG City / 23 - 26 MPG Hwy
$19,199 - $24,849
2011 Kizashi
20 - 23 MPG City / 29 - 31 MPG Hwy
$18,999 - $27,149
2011 SX4
22 - 25 MPG City / 29 - 33 MPG Hwy
$13,499 - $19,249

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