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Autotrader Find: Pink Geo Metro Convertible

Today's Autotrader Find is a 1993 Geo Metro LSi convertible in Magenta Metallic with some rad ‘90s graphics on the sides.

6 Underrated 90s Performance Cars on Autotrader

Here are some underrated 90s performance cars deserving more love.

Five badge-engineered SUVs you’ve forgotten all about

Here's a look at five badge-engineered SUVs you probably haven't seen in ages.

5 Used Mini SUVs to Buy Instead of a Side-by-Side ATV

A used Suzuki Sidekick costs a fifth as much as a new side-by-side.

5 Crazy Colored Cars for Sale on Autotrader

Remember when you could only get the Plymouth Prowler in purple?

Autotrader Find: Teal 1995 Geo Tracker With Teal Wheels

This thing just screams 1990s.

Geos Were Branded as Pontiacs in Canada and They Got a Turbo Metro

I would pay far too much money for a turbocharged Pontiac Firefly.

Here Are 5 Great Convertible SUVs Listed For Sale on Autotrader

These vehicles offer the best of two different worlds.

Here Are 5 Great Cars for Sale on Autotrader From Orphan Brands

Even though their brands don't exist anymore, these cars are still pretty cool.

Autotrader Find: Pristine 1996 Geo Tracker With 47,000 Miles

Here's a charming little SUV in great shape.
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